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Holiday Workshop ~Cedar Wreath "Chandelier"~

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Step 1

With the small wreath's wire frame facing up, slip 1 end of a 5-foot ribbon length through frame's rim, and knot firmly. Repeat with 2 additional 5-foot ribbons, knotting at evenly spaced intervals around wreath.

Read more at Cedar Wreath "Chandelier" - Martha Stewart Crafts

Step 2

Gather ribbons together, and knot at a point 15 inches above center of wreath. Leave these hanger ribbons in center of wreath while working on large wreath.

Step 3

Attach three 4-foot ribbon lengths to large wreath frame.
Step 4

Place large wreath on top of small wreath, aligning hanger ribbons. Gather hanger ribbons of both wreaths together, and knot 20 inches above center of large wreath. Trim ends of hanger ribbons above top knot to create a finished look.
Step 5

Screw hook into ceiling. Hang wreaths from top hanger-ribbon knot.
Step 6

Tie a 4-foot ribbon length at base of each hanger ribbon, and fashion into a classic bow. Trim bow tails to 12 inches.

Read more at Cedar Wreath "Chandelier" - Martha Stewart Crafts

It's a good thing...or is it?

This wreath is fabulous!  It is both economical and elegant.  It cost me nothing but my time and a few dollars in ribbon because I made a wildcrafted version.  Wonderful idea, Martha!

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Step 1

I did not have any wreath forms.  So, I pulled my artsy side together and hunted for something in the yard that would do the trick.  Grape vines!  Grape season is over, the leaves have fall off and now long and bendable vines were climbing on my fence.  They were just what I needed.

My green florists wire was missing.  I tied rubber bands onto the wreath in different sections to secure the shape instead of the wire.  Twine could also be used.

I made a 22 inch (shown below) and a 16 inch grape vine floral form.

Step 2

I made several trips to the "wild" to locate cedar.  What an adventure that was.  It's kinda sketchy so I'll just leave it at, "we got plenty of cedar for the wreaths".

I worked in layers.  First the sides were decorated with the cedar (shown below) and then the top of the wreath form was covered with cedar branches.

Step 3

Ribbon was tied to three sides of the small wreath and then knotted at a distance of 15 inches from the center of the wreath.

So where did I put this chandelier?  Well, I found a decent spot in the living room corner that was really bare. 

Step 4

The larger wreath was finished by attaching the ribbon the three sides, and then a knot was drawn at the top at a distance of 20 inches above the wreath.

Do not make this mistake!  Ready?  OK, I used a very small hook to attach this at first.  Sure, it held the weight...for about 30 minutes.  Then, it came crashing down. 

I wasn't messing around with a dinky hook after the crash.  Ben installed a "U" bracket.  Now, it is definitely sturdy and no more crashes.  Whewww.

The cedar wreath "chandelier" is completed.  In the future, I would scale down the size to about a third of this in order to accomodate my humble living quarters.  But, it does make its presence known as the size makes a statement for sure. 

This was a fun, and adventurous project that involved me, Ben and my Dad.  This was another free project!  I wildcrafted all of the materials and used the never ending ribbon that I had stored in my closet. 

~ Wild for wildcrafting~

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