Saturday, December 31, 2011

~Good Things for December~

This is it!  My last "Good Things" post.  December is a month that is packed full of holidays and birthdays for our family.  So,  I found myself being limited on time.  Although I liked all the ideas in the Good Things section, I had to be choosy this time around. Hence, I chose a few Good Things to try while including a few extra projects that were enjoyable.  Here they are. 

Brownie Bow  December 2011

Think outside the box and wrap a cake with a pretty bow.  The powdered sugar stenciled bow was a fun and artsy addition to our Christmas Eve chocolate ganache cake.

Candle Trimming  December 1996

This was a great idea for trimming tabletop candles.  These "wreaths" adorn simple candle sticks making them a dressy addition for your holiday table.  The candles were decorated with leftover Cedar that was on-hand from the wreath making that I did earlier this month.  Ca-ute!

Snow Globes December 1998

Well, I know that I took a few pictures of the finished globes but I can't find them.  However, you can get the idea.  The directions said to add glycerin to the water but I didn't have any.  Also, I used a hot glue gun to affix the ornament to the jar lid.  Consequently, these are more of a short term snow globe as they held up for a week or so before the ornament separated from the lid and the water turned a funky color.

Two types of Martha Stewart glitter were used in our snow globes for the mock snow look.  Here is one type.

A Few Random Martha Projects

In the November 2011 Living magazine there was an article about cross stitching cartoon-like characters.  This demonstrated a unique way of capturing your family, other than the typical snap shot.  I only have time to do a few stitches here and there.  But, I am making progress.  Shown below is Jordan and Gabriel. 

This is my first-ever cross stitching project and as you can see, there is room for improvement.  Even though I am still learning, the cross stitching project appears to be very forgiving for first timers...somewhat so. 

This project has been sitting in our craft closest for a long time.  On an afternoon when Sarah and I were wanting to be creative, we decided to make these adorable felt flower accessories.

Sarah was proud of her felted flower hair clip.

After we played around with the felted hair pins we decided to paint our nails.  We tried using Martha Stewart sparkles with some clear polish for our nails.  Our conclusion?  It worked well for a day or so but the color from the sparkles ended up leeching into the clear polish container.  For short term use this works great. If you have an old, clear polish then consider adding the Martha Stewart sparkles for some nail bling.

 Beauty shop fun with Sarah.

~It's a good thing!~

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