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~Christmas Workshop~ Golden-Cedar Wreath

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Wreath How-To

1. Slip one 5-inch length of gold wire through tops of 3 bells. Bring ends of wire together, and twist. Repeat to create 12 three-bell bundles. Wrap floral-pick wires around bell-bundle wires and golden-cedar-sprig stems to secure, making 12 cedar-and-bell bundles. 
2. Insert cedar-and-bell bundles evenly around wreath. Insert additional cedar sprigs to form a circle of yellow cedar.
3. Wrap a 1-foot ribbon length around top of wreath. Secure at back with U pins. Stack two 2-foot ribbon pieces, faceup, atop each other. Tie loose knot at center. Attach resulting double-tailed knot to wreath with U pins, hiding pins by inserting them from inside knot. Trim ribbon tails to desired lengths.
4. Fasten 1 end of the remaining ribbon at top of door with 2 thumbtacks.
5. With ribbon hanging down door front, mark desired wreath position on ribbon with marker. Hammer nail through ribbon into door. Trim excess ribbon below nail to desired length, and hang wreath.

It's a good thing...or is it?

The holiday season has officially been welcomed into our home.   With the addition of our freshly-cut Christmas tree and a handmade wreath it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here.  A festive wreath is like a happy doorman, reminding us of the joyous holiday season as it sets the mood for what awaits us inside.

The inspiration for this project came from the golden-cedar wreath from Martha's website.  With pruning shears in hand I ventured outside to find some festive greens, and a few natural looking "ornaments".  The golden colored ornaments were taken from our Strawberry Tree and spray painted gold.  I used the left over spray paint from a previous Good Thing project a few months ago (the spray painted tiles with lace).  It is amazing what can be made from nature with just a little inventiveness.  The natural world contains some of the most beautiful crafts supplies at no cost. 

Yes, this wreath was absolutely free.  That's right.  It did not cost me anything because I already had the wreath form and the spray paint in the garage.  Check out your local dollar store for inexpensive wreath frames (mine was purchased from The Dollar Tree a few years ago). Or, if you are up to it, make your own frame from weaving together branches or other flexible materials.

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When it comes to making a wreath I like to have fun.  I let my imagination and creativity take hold.  Once you get into your "groove"  head outside to see what you can find in your backyard, neighborhood or local park.  A few years ago, I planted an Italian Cypress in our yard and decided to use some branches for this project.  I took a break for a bit and my trip took me on a long and winding country road.  As luck would have it, I spotted a Cedar.  It had large, imposing arms that hung far enough over the fence for me to prune the branches.  I'm sure the owner appreciated my assistance as it was in need of a good prune.  ;)  They were just what I needed for this wreath. 

Shown below are the Juniper branches.

Our Strawberry Tree produces fruit this time of year and so I chose to use these as my "golden bells".  The berries were picked when very firm so that they stay fresh. 

Getting ready to spray paint.

Once the first coat of gold paint was dry I applied a second coat.

In my craft closet I found this ribbon.  The gold color was a just what I needed for the wreath.

Now that the Juniper and Cedar were set into the wreath form, I was ready to apply the golden bells.

Here is a closer look at the spray painted "bells".

The golden-cedar (and juniper) wreath. 

~Deck the Doors~

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