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~Statement Strands Necklace~

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Mambo Yarn

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Lion Brand® Martha Stewart CraftsTM/MC Mambo
Pattern #: L10259


Cut a 20 in. (51 cm) length of yarn and set aside. Cut remainder of ball into 5 equal lengths. Cut 10 additional strands of yarn the same length.
With needle and thread, sew all 15 lengths together at one end.
Twist and loosely braid the strands. Sew ends of strands to previously sewn ends to form Necklace.


Wrap the yarn length you set aside around the Necklace to cover the sewn ends. With sewing needle and thread, sew the ends of the wrap to secure.

SKILL LEVEL:  Beginner
SIZE: One Size

About 30 in. (76 cm) circumference


Martha Stewart Crafts Mambo: Zebra

Additional Materials:

Sewing needle and thread

It's a good thing...or is it?

 The kids have been getting kickbacks from the Energizer Bunny.  I just know it. 

Presently, I've been wearing my running shoes from dawn to dusk in hopes of matching the speed of a 13, 3 and 2-year-old.  Don't we all wish that we had the energy of a child?  It's all good, though. I am thankful for both their inquisitive nature and active their personalities.  Literally, they keep me on my toes.

  Creative time? Sure!  You should have seen the gorgeous piece of coloring book art that I did with the kids the other day.  ;)  Nearly all mothers struggle with finding the time to be creative, me included.   It is just the natural flow of motherhood.  Parenting simply requires all of our time and efforts if we want to do our best.  That's just the way it goes. 

While I was on a recent trip to Michael's (a craft store), I chatted with an employee about this exact situation.  Yvette has two children, ages two and five.  Her recent craft time is limited to late at night and during her children's nap time.  The dilemma resides in the fact that those late nights and nap times are often used as clean up time, meal prep, making phone calls, etc.  Yes, I hear you Yvette.  With broom in hand, I often pine for creative time.  Busy people unite!

So, what do we do?  We pick one project and covet its completion for quite some time.  Then, one day the perfect opportunity presents itself. We grab it.  Almost as if it were a sale item, we run (never walking) all the way to the checkout.   We feel no shame in claiming our "prize". 

This project is perfect for those of us on a time budget.  In less than 1 hour, you too can have yourself a funky necklace that was made by you.  Enjoy!

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Ben watched the children so that I could have some mommy time at Michael's.  I just love going to the craft store to check out what's going on.  Finding Martha's new line of yarn and needle crafting supplies was a thrill especially since I've been anticipating its debut. 

I must have gotten really excited because I spilled my coffee everywhere!  A very nice employee roped off the area for a few minutes and cleaned up the coffee puddle.  I swear, I can't go anywhere without something out of the ordinary happening.
Once I was back at home, I started on the mambo yarn necklace project.
The first step was measuring the strands to the specified lengths.
The second step was to sew the strands together.  I rubber banded the top while I worked on intertwining the pieces.  After the strands were sewn in place then the top was sewn closed.  I made sure to try the necklace on before sewing so that it would be the correct length for me. 
When everything was finished I ended up having some extra yarn.  I felt that a headband was necessary in order to balance out the visual weight of the necklace.  I took three strands, about a foot and a half long, and braided them together.  I wrapped it around my head in order determine the correct length.  Then, I added three inches to that measurement.  Lastly, I made a knot at one end and then looped the yarn around it.  This created a fastener so that the headband could be easily taken off and on.

Make sure that you trim off all of the strings from your necklace.  I forgot to catch one piece of string shown here.  Overall, I thought that this project was both fun and enjoyable.  Keep in mind that there are other colors available, too.  I opted for black because it goes with anything. 

~That's Mambo Crafty~

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