Thursday, November 3, 2011

~7 Day Detox~

Detox program from
"Healthy Detox"

Seven-Day Detox Plan

Day 1: Clean Up
Before you embark on this seven-day plan, read our general guidelines ("Detox Basics," above) to identify any contraindications that may apply. You'll also learn how best to approach the plan so you maximize its benefits. On Day 1, you'll begin swapping nutritionally problematic foods for healthier ones. See "Detox Don'ts (and Dos)," (website), for an overview. Don't be surprised if you feel moody or headachy as a result, especially if you normally drink caffeine. This response will likely lessen in the coming days.
-Start drinking eight glasses of filtered water and walking for at least 20 minutes daily.
-Eliminate caffeine.
-Eliminate alcoholic drinks.
-Eliminate soda and all other carbonated beverages.
-Get protein from
wild salmon, halibut, nuts (raw and unsalted), beans, and peas, as well as sprouts like lentil and mung.
-Eliminate meat and poultry.
-Replace refined sugars and artificial sweeteners with sparing doses of honey, maple syrup, and brown rice syrup.
-Eliminate all processed foods made with white flour.
-Start a food journal. Track mealtimes, the foods you consume, and how you feel.

Day 2: Boost Nutrients

Now that you've eliminated the main nutritional offenders, it's time to fine-tune your diet. Today you'll choose those vegetables that lend extra nutrient support as you detox. You may be experiencing general malaise. Drink more water and add small servings of nuts to keep your energy up.
-Go 100 percent organic.
-Vary your vegetables. Eat plenty of colorful veggies, including dark leafy greens.
-Eliminate nightshade vegetables: eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers.
-Enjoy fruit, but avoid all types of citrus and dried fruit.
-Eat fresh foods; eliminate canned and packaged foods.
-Avoid condiments. Season your meals with flavorful herbs and spices instead.

Day 3: Ditch Dairy

Today's task can prove surprisingly difficult (unless you're a vegan). But because dairy products -- and soy-can cause allergies, eliminating them will give your body a break.
-Remove all dairy.
-Eliminate eggs.
-Eliminate soy. Replace soy milk with almond or rice milk.
-Practice healthy snacking, which will benefit you nutritionally and emotionally, as you make your way through the plan. Try apple slices with a dollop of almond nut butter; cabbage leaves filled with raw vegetables; or carrot sticks and frozen grapes.
-Add seeds (such as sunflower or pumpkin) to your diet. As with nuts, opt for raw and unsalted.

Day 4: Good Grains

You're now ready to make the final dietary shift, eliminating potentially allergenic grains. With your nutritional changes complete, focus on visualizing the cleansing process that's under way.
-Eliminate any potentially allergenic grain, including all wheat-derived products, such as bread and crackers. Try amaranth, brown rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, oats, and wild rice instead.
-Cut out corn and its derivatives (such as tortilla chips and corn breads). Instead of corn oil, cook with olive oil and use sesame and flax oils for flavor.

Day 5: Slow Down

The next two days emphasize good self-care. When you detox, your energy levels may wane as your body uses energy to eliminate toxins. You may also be feeling cranky or antsy, so take this day to focus inward.
-Counter any symptoms of comfort-food withdrawal with creative snacks. Try "baklava oatmeal," made with rolled oats, honey, and pistachios, and other invented treats.
-Practice non-food ways to satisfy yourself, such as yoga or tai chi, but avoid fast-paced aerobic activity.

Day 6: Pamper Yourself

Indulge yourself today. Enjoy your favorite home-spa treatments, or try one of these ideas.
-Take a warm shower and apply your favorite salt or sugar scrub to your entire body in circular motions.
-Get a massage.
-Give yourself a
steam facial. Cover your head with a towel and lean over a bowl of boiled, herb-infused water (try chamomile or eucalyptus).

Day 7: Take Stock

Now that you've reached the final day, how do you feel? Eager to make the transition back to your regular diet? Ready for more cleansing? Either way, note the mind/body boost you feel and consider making detox part of your regular program for health.
-If you're ready to resume your normal diet, start with the foods you suspect may negatively affect your system (such as dairy or refined carbs). Eat one group at a time for a few days to see how it affects you. Then permanently remove any problem foods from your diet.
-If you'd like to continue beyond the seven days, consult with a reputable program such as Sea Change (; 212-889-7300).
Text by Abbie Kozolchyk

It's a good thing...or is it?

Ever feel that your body needs a break?  Or maybe you notice that you're just not feeling yourself for whatever reason.  Sometimes, we might notice this when we've finally shaken an illness.  For me personally, all of the above reasons are why I'm embarking on a detox journey. 

Now that I'm over Halloween, I'm ready to purge my body of all the treats and toasts that were made in its honor.  There are so many cleanses out there that it can be really confusing, don't you think?  With that said, I'm keeping it simple on my seven day detox journey.   So, I've decided to follow a program from Martha's website.  The detox program seems healthy, logical and easy to follow.  I will be cooking for my family while preparing my detox meals separately.  We'll see what happens.

Tomorrow I will begin day 1 of the cleansing program and I will post a blog about my experience after day 7.  I'd love to hear from you about your detox experience.  This is my first round ever doing damage control, therefore I'm really curious to see how this will work out.  FYI, I'm so not looking forward to eliminating my coffee!  For dinner tonight, I'm cooking up some falafels with a side of unlimited coffee.  Hey, I've got to get my caffeine fix while I still can ;)

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Good luck.
Looking forward to your progress. I know that I could never do this.