Monday, November 14, 2011

~7 Day Detox Finale~

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*Consult a physician before attempting a detox program*

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It's a good thing...or is it?

*Yay, the detox is over.  My weekend was met with the excitement of taboo foods, my dad's 69th birthday party and a coffee date with a good friend.*

7 days without coffee, yeah right!  Okay, I made it for about 5 days before giving in to my favorite Starbuck's coffee drink.  Besides the obvious deprivation that is often thought of when we hear the word "cleanse" or "detox", here is a look at what I've learned about my food habits over the past 168 hours.  Hopefully some of my observations will raise an eyebrow or two.   Or, maybe you'll consider giving this a try?  Remember, learning comes from observation.  

Day 1

I hate the world and everything in it.  No, I'm only kidding.  I'm not THAT addicted to caffeine.  This is my first day of not consuming caffeine for probably fifteen years!  To top it off, Ben arrived home from Starbuck's this morning with a pumpkin spice latte.  It was turned down!  Instead, I opted for some detox tea.  So far, so good.  

Omitting processed foods is not an issue for me.  Our meals are mostly made from scratch and living out in the country simply prohibits the grab-and-go method that most have grown accustomed to. 

The whole "no white flour" thing is rather bothersome though. 

Eliminating meat and poultry was not a problem because I'm a vegetarian.  But, I still eat seafood.   Like the detox list states, I made sure to eat protein from fish today.  My brown rice sushi roll with salmon was excellent.  

I was surprised at how difficult it was for me to drink 8 glasses of water daily.  I think I drank about 3 large glasses and even that required a lot of effort.  I'm starting to realize that my daily consumption of water is far from what is recommended.

At the end of the day, I had a very, very slight headache.

Day 2

This was a pretty easy day for me other than missing my coffee.  Eating organically is what I do anyway.  However, I was at the store (a little hungry) and I almost reached for some dried fruit.  Shame on me!  Tsk, tsk. I'm detoxing and it says I need to omit this.  Grrrrr..... 

I still have a very slight headache.   It is making itself known, but it's keeping its presence scarce.

Day 3

Today we are going out to breakfast.   Our family looks forward to an occasional weekend breakfast at the Pancake House.  I began to dread the breakfast trip.   The coffee at this place is to live for!  Best ever, I swear.  The cream, yes it is real cream, is so good and the coffee they drip from the never ending coffee pot is way, way better than any other house coffee.   Of course we are going when I'm detoxing!  Since the world does not revolve around me, I'm heading out to enjoy a coffee-free breakfast with a bowl of mush.  Ta ta.

The headache is less.

Day 4

So far, so good.  Everything that's suggested today is doable.  I've been making a kale and chanterelle mushroom steamed salad for the past few days in an attempt to eat more greens. It's fantastic! I love mushrooms and get all excited when people talk about the interesting varieties (most of which I have never tasted).  Of course I've tasted shiitake, truffles (only in truffle butter) and button mushrooms before.  Fungi such as chanterelle, morel or whole truffles,etc. I have not.  

In an attempt to treat myself in a healthy way, I grabbed a small handful of chanterelles while we were at Whole Foods.  Later, I sauteed the mushrooms in olive oil and garlic.  Then, I mixed in some steamed kale.  The chanterelle mushrooms have a very meaty texture and flavor that paired nicely with the garlic and kale.  That said, I enjoyed experimenting with a new food.

No more headaches!  My body has adjusted to not having any caffeine.

Day 5

The detox program is telling me to slow down. Ha!  If only, huh? 

I do notice that I'm beginning to turn more inward.  Food, I guess, was being used to fill things in my life that I wasn't even aware of.  When we can't eat to bring about happiness then we are forced to find other ways of cracking a smile. 

It is evening time now, and I'm extremely tired today.  I have work to do and I can barely keep my eyes open.  Caffeine, I need you.  Just one cup. 

Day 6-7

I didn't kick the caffeine out today.  I indulged in a single cup in hopes for a jump start on my day.  

I remained in tune with my eating habits and continued to re-think my impulse grabs.    


The cleanse has taught me to become more of an observer of both my body and my food habits.  I typically eat healthy, but like most of us, sugar and carbs seduce me. I knew this at the start of the detox and now it's a glaring realization.  

I also found that I'm sensitive to sugar. My blood sugar drops and spikes, twists and turns, and then jumps off the deep end after I consume something sugar-coated.  Too bad.  I'm not giving up baking though, as my soul would suffer too much if I gave that up.  I'll just be more choosy about what I throw down the hatch.  

On Caffeine and Complexions

Coffee- a complexion killer? Now mind you, I don't know what scientific evidence there is for such an observation, but for me, I did notice a huge difference in my skin once this was omitted.  Once I was caffeine free, breakouts occurred far less often and my skin began to glow.  But, it could have been that I was drinking more water and caffeine-free detox tea.  Who knows? 

I noticed that once I began drinking coffee, my skin began to get more problematic.  This was an interesting observation and something that I never thought of before.  Could coffee be a complexion killer? 

Personally, the cleanse has helped me to regain a healthy balance in my dietary choices.  Intuitively I know what to eat, but the detox helped me to re-align myself with healthier habits. Changing how you typically do things every now and again is always a good thing.  As James Allen once said, "The birds are molting. If only man could molt also - his mind once a year its errors, his heart once a year its useless passions."  Like molting birds, I believe that man can do the same.  What better way to start the changing process than by releasing yourself from old habits and unhealthy ways.  If we desire to live our everyday existence in a world of good health and possibility, then we must pause, take a deep breath, and dare to do things differently.   

~A Change for the Better!~


Anonymous said...

Very interesting.
So glad you did this so I don't have to :)
Congrats on making it for an entire week!

The Green Mama said...

Thank you! Have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow :)