Monday, October 31, 2011

~Happy Halloween!~

It's a good thing...or is it?

 Candy, commotion and celebration.

Welcome to my spooky, haunted abode.  Please do come in. 

All Hallows' Eve at Paradise Basin is drawing to a close as the children are munching on candy while watching scary movies, giggling and trading their loot. They made out well with their little cauldrons full of chocolate covered this and that. 

I have that "oh my god I pulled this off" feeling as I'm sitting here at the end of a long night writing my blog.  At 10:56 pm I'm now looking forward to sitting down to a nice glass of wine while relishing in a spooky evening of my own.  

I spent Friday through Sunday with my close friends enjoying many laughs, plenty of good food and drinks and a fabulous Halloween party in Los Angeles.  Last night, I arrived back in Sacramento, California at 11:50 pm. 

So, this morning as my eyes cracked open to greet my day, I had to hit the ground running.  It was Halloween!  I still had to clean my house, go to the grocery store, make the costumes for Gabriel and Sarah, and then decorate the house.  I knew that dry ice was a must (we have it every year) and I spent a large part of my day driving from store to store tracking it down.  FYI Whole Foods still carries this Halloween must-have. 

I somehow managed to pull everything together in a very short amount of time (although I'm near exhaustion).  In the end though, nothing can compare to the feeling that I had when the children sat around the table eating their dinner, laughing with excitement and anticipation.  It is in those moments that time stops, and I think to myself, "I never want to forget this. Not for anything in the world." 

Photo Gallery

 Most of my decorations were purchased from the Dollar Tree.  The lit-up cauldron idea was from an old issue of MSL.  The white chocolate ghost lolly pops and the spooky candy labels were also from MSL. 
Here, I'm attaching the labels to the candy jars and working on some last minute finishing touches.  I'm also crossing my fingers that no little hands start grazing the table until everything is ready. 
The tapered candles were drizzled with a red candle to create a thrilling effect (a previous year's "good thing" from Martha Stewart Living).  The chocolate cupcakes were from a Martha Stewart recipe.
A recent Martha Stewart show inspired me to make use of natural materials in my Halloween decorating. I found an old, dead and barren-looking branch that I embellished with mosses, a little spider web and a few vultures.
Orange soda and root beer were the drinks for the evening. I added dry ice to the inside of the cauldron.
These are the friendly ghosts from a previously listed "good thing".  They were festive and easy to make. 
Here is another angle of our haunted tree.
Jordan really enjoyed the orange soda.  In retrospect, I realized that I didn't capture any pictures of our dinner! We actually ate some "real" food too.  I found an easy recipe for grilled cheese sandwiches on dark rye (called sand-witches) from an earlier October copy of MSL.  Next, I piped out using my pastry bag ghost-shaped mashed potatoes onto their plates (called mashed boo-tatoes from
One of my many stops today included a visit to Michael's.  I used my 50% off coupon for this Martha Stewart decoration.  For $5 (after the discount) it was totally worth it! 
Shown here is Jordan, the skateboarding rocker-dude and two chicken-birds.  The chicken costumes were made using the costume idea from  I didn't purchase the suggested leotard, but instead I purchased turtle necks and pants (cheaper).  I also didn't use the stuffing, as my little birds have plenty of that already.  I simply safety pinned the boas (that were bought at a Halloween store) to the shirts.  The "hats" were made out of a large square piece of fabric and then I hot glued the cockscombs to the top, after following the template directions from the website. 
Gabriel and Sarah (they called themselves chicken-birds) are enjoying their white chocolate ghosts.
After dinner, we drove to suburbia to gather our treats.
Chicken run!  They got their candy from one house and now they're off to the next.
After about an hour, their arms were hanging low to the ground as they lugged their treats back to the car. 
We drove home to enjoy an evening of scary movies and of course more candy than a chicken or rocker-dude should ever consume in one night.

I hope that you had a wonderfully spooky All Hallows' Eve.  Until next time...

~Happy Halloween~

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