Friday, October 28, 2011

~Fall Garden Revisited~

Last month I planted many different vegetable seeds in our garden in an attempt to harvest my very first fall bounty.  Here is a look at what's going on a month later. 

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I pruned our basil plant a few weeks ago and now it looks like I'll be making pesto soon. 
I tried the gardening style called "screw it".  The kids pull out any and all garden tags anyway, so I just planted the seeds in the ground in a random order.  However, I did try and keep like-veggies grouped together.  

On the left is some of our lettuce patch.  I put all of our lettuce seeds into a bag and mixed them up.  Then I sprinkled the seeds into the soil in long rows.  So far, so good. 

The right side of the garden is a mystery.  Since I love surprises, I kind of enjoy this gardening approach of random seed sprinkling.  At some point, we'll figure out what the unknown veggies are anyway.  I do have some experience with the plants and so not everything is a mystery.   
The purple plant is a spicy mustard leaf (the name is not coming to me now).  It tastes great shredded into salads as it imparts a spicy, radish-like flavor.
Here is more of our lettuce and chard growing strong in the morning sunlight.  The leaves are beautifully stretched out high towards the sun.
Shown here is an assortment of herbs.  The bean teepees are starting to fill nicely with our pole beans.
The borage is coming back strong for another appearance before winter (foreground).  The leaves are delicious steamed and then eaten like spinach. Behind the borage and to the right is some feverfew.
The amaranth, chard and beans that need to be thinned.  Otherwise, this will be a massive jungle!
More beans and chard.
A pretty vegetable patch.  I think these are white beets that I planted last month although the mystery still remains.
My zinnia patch.  I have another one behind the house but these looked particularly beautiful in the morning sunlight.
Here is our catmint bush. I remember when this was started with a couple of tiny seedlings.
Our raised planter bed that's fashioned out of an old tub is now beginning green up with beets and carrots, and a few other veggies.
Another look at the garden.  The tall, leggy looking plant in the foreground is my much-loved lemon verbena plant.  Scattered about are some other veggies and herbs.
Nature reminds me to appreciate the beauty that is around us every day.  Although this isn't in my vegetable garden, I thought it to be very lovely.

~Natural Beauty~


Hank Hendricks said...

Gardening is the best hobby. With the help of tags it is so easy to find the exact plants in a huge garden.

Why the people refers the leather tags instead of plastic key tags for car key?

The Green Mama said...

Hi Hank,

Thanks for your comment!