Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~Good Things for August~

It's that time of the month again when I put together a few "Good Things" from the archive, as I call it.  I enjoy reading the monthly column of Good Things in the Living magazine because as a busy mother, I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the ease and quality of our life.  Maybe these simple solutions will offer some assistance?

Photo Gallery

This was our very first homegrown watermelon. We wanted to have a little fun so we played dress-up.
The Good Things article in the August issue of Living suggest slicing off both ends of the watermelon and then sitting it up like so for easier cutting.  This method is much easier than trying to slice a wobbly watermelon.
This picture is from my handmade pasta blog.  It demonstrates nicely how to neatly package Parmigiano-  Reggiano cheese use at the table. I used rubber bands because I happened to have some nearby instead of the suggested twine, but either way works out well.  
From a previous Living issue ( I can't remember which one) I had torn out the Good Things page that discussed how to make all-natural mists in one of my, "oh, I'm so gonna make this someday" rants.  These mists are easy to make only require a few herbs, fruit or veggies and some water. At Whole Foods, I purchased the spray bottle for a little over $2!  Since I have a fairly good supply of herbs in my garden, I decided to make a mist using Chocolate Mint, Tulsi-Krishna Basil, Holy Basil and a 50/50 mix of rose water and regular water.  You can have fun with it.  Even if you don't grow your own herbs or veggies, then the ingredients can be purchased (ideally at a  Farmers' Market). Shown below is Holy Basil from our garden.  It is wonderful for you and of course it smells fantastic! 
Here is the Tulsi-Krishna Basil.  It is considered a true sacred basil and is mildly intoxicating.
Oooohhh the chocolate mint.  This is way better than a chocolate peppermint patty.  I made sure to grab a little extra of this for my mist.
This is the rose water that I had added to a mixture of 50% regular water.  This too can be purchased at Whole Foods or at an ethnic foods store.
Here it is, the chocolate rose spritzer with sacred basil.  This mist is especially refreshing after working hard in the garden.
Lastly, this map was hand stitched with our chosen route to Las Vegas.  The stitching adds another dimension to the scrapbook page.  I incorporated this idea from the August 2011 Good Things into my current scrapbook project. 

~Good Things for August~

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.  ~Confucius

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