Wednesday, August 31, 2011

*First Impressions*

The "room" that I chose to quickly and affordably Morganize was our entryway.  The small 4x4 entrance does not allow for much of an introduction, however, big things come in small packages.  In order to glam-up this little alcove, we needed to re-paint, (the kids claimed a whole wall as their own canvas),add something for shoe storage, and a place for keys.  Lastly, we needed to also add something pretty and welcoming to the area to make it cheerful.  Check out the photo gallery for more details. 

Photo Gallery

This is our initial entryway.  The very small space was going to be hard to work with, but I think we can work some magic.  Ben and I put our brains together to see what could be done.
It all starts with a fresh coat of paint.  Ladies and gentlemen this is the first room that I have painted white in my entire life.  I chose the brightest shade possible so that it would make the room seem lighter, as it doesn't get much sunlight.
Already the room looks brighter!
Ben is taking measurements in order to make a shelf that will hold handbags and decorative items.  I thought that this would be a nice place for guests to place their purses while visiting (also it's out of the kids' reach) Next, Ben added a lower, angled shelf that was designed to hold shoes in an orderly manner. 
Later in the evening, Ben adds a corner shelf that will hold our keys. 
All done!  This arrangement of flax,sunflower and bougainvillea is from our garden.
As you can see, the fresh white coat of paint and the mirror add more light to the space which makes it feel more open and welcoming.  The top shelf can hold purses, bags or even a few glowing candles in the evening. 

~Make an Entrance~

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