Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~Expressionery...Express Your Style in Print~

In the August issue of Martha Stewart Living, I decided to try out the Expressionery stamp that is advertised.  Read on to see if it's worth the minor investment, or if it's just a piece of junk.

At first, I was going to purchase those sticky paper tabs with our name and address on them.  But then I saw this...

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I prefer the written letter over an email any day of the week.  However, the ease and convenience of  "shooting" a quick email to someone often takes precedence over the written word these days.  It's neither a good or bad thing.  It just is.  Still, I like to send the occasional card to a friend or loved one even though it takes a little longer.  I'm sure that you've heard the term, "snail mail".

I love snail mail.  In fact, every time that I get a package or letter in the mail that is neither an advertisement nor a bill I'm thrilled.  Almost as fun as being the receiver, sending a letter in the mail is equally, if not more fun.  What time of year do you most often send letters to your friends and family?  For me, it is scattered throughout the year but it's particularly concentrated during the holidays when i send out Christmas cards.  I tend to send out quite a few letters and I get tired of writing out the return address by hand each and every time.  So, guess what I did?  I purchased the Expressionery custom stamp that has our last name and address on it.  With one single press, our name and address is beautifully stamped right onto the package,letter or card.  I enjoy things that save me time and this is one elegant way of doing so.

***To purchase a custom stamp of your own, visit Expressionery online at for an online catalogue and ordering information. ***

Final thought-  It's not a piece of junk and is worth every penny. 

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