Sunday, August 14, 2011

~Calendar of All Things Domestic~

Ever feel like you have no clue as to when and how often you are supposed to perform various home keeping,gardening,organizing and pet maintenance activities?  I know I do!  I am just so confused.  With a clean as I go approach (or a clean when I can no longer stand it mentality) it can really begin to weigh on you.  The tasks pile up, time decreases and you are left just plain overwhelmed.

I have known about Martha's planning calendars for awhile now, but I've finally surrendered.  I am willing to block out time each day to keep my life organized so that I can have my sanity back.  How about you?

I've posted the link to the calendar page on  Simply click the listings that apply to you and your family and it miraculously lists what task should be completed each day.  Enjoy!

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