Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~Simple Sarong~

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Cover up with a breezy beach wrap made from a favorite fabric. To determine how much cloth you'll need, first measure from waist to ankle. Then measure around hips, multiply that number by 2, and add 2 inches. Cut fabric so that one long side falls along the selvage -- we used Indian cotton cut from a 45-inch bolt. With fabric right side down, double-hem each short side 1/2 inch (pressing after each fold). To make the waistband: Double-hem the unfinished, long side of the fabric 1 1/2 inches (pressing after each fold). Leave the selvage edge as is. To add ties: Tuck a 24-inch-long piece of ribbon (ours was 5/8-inch-wide twill) in each end of the waistband, and stitch in place, as pictured.

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I chose to use a tie dyed fabric for my sarong.  Really you could use just about any fabric that entices you.  Just make sure that it's comfortable and fits your style.    
Here I'm cutting the fabric to size according to what I need (following the above directions). 
Shown below is a double hem. At first I wasn't sure what the heck a double hem was.  After looking online I found out that it's basically a regular hem that's folded twice according to the distance specified.
Now sew away!  One step closer to a super-cute summer sarong!
All finished.  Just be careful to make sure that you tie your sarong on tightly.  I was hosting a gardening co op at Veera Yoga Studio in Roseville, California when I had a slight mishap with the sarong.  I stood up and it opened up on the side.  Luckily, I had on some tights underneath.  Just make sure that
fasten your sarong securely.  I am happy with the sarong and I thought that it was pretty easy to make even with my novice sewing ability.   

~Happy Sewing~

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