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Make this soft bed, suitable for small pooches, with dish towels and a foam insert.
It's a dog's life -- and a cushy one at that. This soft bed, suitable for small pooches, can be refreshed with a quick switch of covers. You'll need 2 same-size dish towels, 2-inch-thick foam (cut 4 inches shorter and narrower than the towels), and iron-on Velcro fasteners. Lay towels on top of each other, good sides facing. Sew 3 sides, about 1/2 inch in from towel edges. Turn inside out, insert foam, and iron the fasteners to the open side. For a neat appearance, fold that end as if gift-wrapping a box and use the fasteners to keep in place.

Chester finally has his very own dog bed after all these years!  He usually sleeps with us or snuggles in with the kids, but we've finally had to call that quits.  Gabriel and Sarah somehow find their way into our bed almost every night.  Ben and I awaken to a family of four tangled up like a Jenga puzzle.  Then when Chester climbs into the bed, it gets to be too much.  This makes me think about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the part of the movie where there his whole family is crammed into one bed).

Anyway, this was a very easy bed to make.  The Velcro was extremely easy to add and the sewing was easy enough too.  The fun thing about this bed is that it's made from dish towels!  I was at Target and purchased four dish towels to cover the dog bed.  However, I think that I will make a few more covers for the bed and opt for some fabric that I select from the craft store instead of towels.  I guess you could even make an outside dog bed from old dish towels too if you want to make something that is upcycled and can get grungy.

As far as the price goes, this was a very expensive dog bed.  Of course that's all relative, right?  The foam material was $30 at Joann (be sure to use a coupon for this because I couldn't find mine of course), the Velcro was $6 (I bought two packs and used 1 and a half packages), and the towels were $12 at Target. So our dog bed was basically $50!  Wow!  I thought about adding some sparkles or some diamonds to the bed to really make a statement.  Just kidding.  Chester is a well-loved pug and was worth every penny.  This one's for you, Chester!

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Here is the dish towel fabric.  It was the least "kitcheny" dish towel fabric that was sold at Target and so that was chosen for the dog bed.
To figure out how to size the fabric I just laid everything out on the foam to see where to cut and sew. 
Here is the Velcro that I used.  Make sure that you read the package carefully so that you use the iron on kind (it's easier to attach).
The addition of the Velcro was simple, just iron in place and you're done.
The bed is finished.
Chester likes his new dog bed...well, sort of.  He prefers our bed (just like the children do).  With a little persistence on our part, he'll become fond of his new,special bed.  The next challenge is to get the little humans to feel the same way about their bed too.  Until then, happy sewing!

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