Sunday, July 31, 2011

~Get Fashionably Fit with Sketchers Shape-Ups~

Sketchers Shape-Ups

I find it rather interesting that there are so many different kinds of shoes that promise the same exact result-a shaped-up body.  Check out a few shoes that I found online. 

FitFlops available at Macy's, Bath and Body Works and Victoria's secret for $49.99 (2008)
 (Nope, I wouldn't wear these)

                                            $100 at all major shoe retailers (2009)  (Kinda cute)

Shape-Ups by Sketchers 'XF' Toning Boot $140  Nordstrom (Are you kidding me?)

$344 MBT 'Tenga' Gor-Tex Boot  Nordstrom  ( I feel insulted as a consumer! Ummm...has the designer ever watched the Adams Family before?)

Kim Kardashian fit, Marilyn Monroe beautiful, svelte like Sarah Jessica Parker- quite a few Americans are receiving mixed-messages about how to stay healthy and fit in a nation that celebrates reality cooking shows and food magazines. We we watch cooking shows more than ever and idolize Martha Stewart cakes while at the same time telling ourselves that these foods are "BAD".  We torture ourselves instead of embracing the very thing that we must do each and every day which is to eat food.  The quote from Michael Pollan comes to mind, "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants".  Well said, Michael. This is my kind of "diet"!

To speed the skinny minny lifestyle up a bit (because we don't like to wait too long, ya know) we invent shoes that will shape our bodies without us even having to take charge of our own physical fitness.  Imagine that.  You can look good without even trying? Sign me up! 

These observations made even more sense to me after I spotted a recent picture of Kim Kardashian while standing in line at the store.  Wait? In my Martha Stewart magazine she looks like Barbie (Shape-Ups ad) but this tabloid cover picture paints a different story.  I thought wearing Shape-Ups was the answer to staying skinny?

Obviously not.  You see, shortly before I started this blog I had an epiphany.  I was thinking about staying in shape all wrong.  Ass backwards as they say. FYI wanting to be in shape and happy with yourself does not make you self-obsessed (I know a few people out there that think this!). 

Here is what this American girl thinks about how to stay healthy:

1) Do not eat foods laden with pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers

2) Keep GMOs far away from my kitchen

3) DO not look at losing weight in terms of pounds

4) Do not only look at weight in terms of beauty

5)  And most importantly look at losing weight as a health matter because that's exactly what it is.  Ask yourself, "  Will this make me feel good if I eat this?" I have lost over 140 pounds by doing this.  I gained 80 pounds with Gabriel and then lost 20 before becoming pregnant with Sarah six months later and then I gained 60 pounds with her!  That was before I thought about food the way I do now. 

I've been interested in food and health for awhile now (those that follow my blog now this) and so I decided to choose Sketcher Shape-Ups as my July product test from Martha Stewart Living.  Hey, I wouldn't mind a little extra help while I'm running around with the kids. The bottom line was that I was looking for a comfortable shoe that could help me feel less tired at the end of a long day. Could the added bonus be a shapely butt and legs too? 

For two weeks I've been parading around in what I've dubbed my "Sporty Girl Stilettos"

My Conclusion:  

I haven't noticed a change in my body as a result of the shoe itself, but I have noticed an increased feeling of sportiness while wearing them.  Whether I'm baking, working out, or running, I feel like I'm standing on thick foam!  I like the way they make me feel.  Plus they add height while providing comfort!  Not the usual combo in some women's shoes. 

Sweep your kitchen in both comfort and style!

I recommend these shoes to women that want to wear something comfortable and slightly stylish.  However, I have not found that the shoe itself is going to shape me up.  That part is up to me.  My conclusion is that it's the person, not the shoe that make a person fit.  Buy for inspiration and comfort and do the working out yourself.  Taking charge of your own life and actions is always a good thing. Enjoy!
~The Sporty Girls' Stiletto~


mary said...

i have fit flops and they are super comfy.
the slides are the ones i have not the traditional flip flop ones with the toe strap :)

The Green Mama said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for the post. They do look comfy but stylish, I'm not so sure. However, style is completely relative, right? I'm glad that you like them :) That is what matters the most! Hope to hear from you soon.