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~A Bathroom Escape~

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We all need it, mom or not.  You know, a place to sit and think quietly. A place for solitude, peace, reflection, relaxation and regeneration.  It is necessary and is not self-indulgent to create such a place for yourself.  We all need it-especially those of us that care for other people.  Intuitively I knew this, but I failed to set aside the time to create such a place. It may sound funny that a bathroom could be a place for all of the above to occur, but the door has a lock and it has running water that can magically transform itself into a lovely candle lit day spa in a matter of minutes.

Our bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our house-besides the kitchen of course.  It is our library, spa, bathroom, hair salon, recording studio (for the shower singers),nail shop and doctor's office too.  With this in mind, I decided to give this popular room the change that it deserves.  Maybe some of these ideas will get your creativity flowing so that you can make an area of your home a restorative oasis for your soul?  We must nourish our souls well and often in order to have enough love and energy to shower onto those that we love-and for those projects and people that just won't go away (darn it!). 

Most of the items that I used were found around the property, were purchased from a yard sale or were from other rooms in the house.  Decorating frugally made redecorating our bathroom affordable and fun.

Paper-Cup Flowers from (used as "wall art" in our bathroom)

picture from

Tools and Materials
Two paper cups
Fast-drying craft glue
Small gold brad
Paper Cup Flowers How-To
1. Snip two paper cups in half, as shown. Turn halves inside out.

2. Pleat each half, as shown. Secure pleats with a dab of fast-drying craft glue.

3. Join four pleats at their points with fast-drying craft glue.

4. Affix flower inside a third inside-out paper liner if desired. To finish, pierce the flower with a small gold brad. To make a more ornate flower, you can place a bit of embossed gold trim at the center before adding the brad, or glue cutout leaves beneath the flower.

Photo Gallery

Here is what the bathroom looked like before I started giving it a little TLC.  I was ready for a change!
Bathroom before picture.
It all starts with the paint.
I made this sun catcher from things around the house and from random items in the garage.  I used a wheel from an old baby carriage in order to act as the base for a series of antique (seriously antique) spoons.  In the center of the wheel I placed an old bottle that was decoupaged with a vintage picture of a bird.  Since we are talking antiques, I decided to wear my 1962 black velvet chignon holder with black netting for some added inspiration.  How did people wear these things?  It was really hard to see and annoying to have something in my face.  Cute, but this hat is only good for sitting still.  Anyway, I've started an vintage hat collection and I'm having fun with it!
Exercise care when using a ladder-trust me.
The sun catcher is now hung in place.
A closer look....the flowers around the edge are from my garden.  These are Strawflowers- one of my favorite flowers.
I found a package of adhesive letters in my scrapbooking bin.  I used this to spell the word thrive on the bathroom wall.  I also painted paper-cup flowers (instructions are posted above) with the extra paint that was left over.   
For $1 I scored an old bread pan that held four bread pans together.  It was obviously too rusted to use in the kitchen so I made it into a flower pot for some pretty succulents.
 I used one of our old wooden crates as a cubby for wash cloths and towels.  The plant next to the towels was purchased for a $1 as well at a yard sale. 
I had two old planters that were not being used.  So, I decided to bring them inside.  I planted them with various indoor plants from The Home Depot.  I bought the metal cage from a yard sale for, you guessed it, $1. 
The other planter went to the right of the sink and held a few more indoor plants.

I thought that the right corner of the mirror needed something.  I decided to take some newspaper and shape it into a few flowers.  I then took some left over paint and highlighted the edges of the flowers.
I added some old bottles around the room that I had purchased from an antique store.
I made another paper flower from newspaper and painted it to match the wall.  The doll was purchased from a junk shop for $1,lol. 
I love interesting plants like the Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula).  I purchased three of these plants and then grouped them together in this Terra-cotta pot.
The old watering can is now our garbage can. 
The view from the shower.  The black stuff in the right corner is a string of black silk flowers.
A different angle
Hanging near the window is a Toothache Plant (Acmella oleracea) .  Native to the tropics of Brazil, this plant is considered to be a medicinal herb that will numb the mouth and alleviate a toothache.  It can also be used as a remedy for a number of other health concerns.
We added an oak branch that spanned from one wall to the next.  On top of the branch we added several clusters of Tillandsia cyanea on grapewood (from The Home Depot). 
This is a Nepenthes plant.  These are tropical plants that have been referred to as Monkey Flower because monkeys have been seen drinking water from the "pitchers".  These are great plants to keep indoors as they trap insects inside of the cups.  
I decided to relocate this fairy to the bathroom.  One of the flowers fell off my Nepenthes plant so I gave it to her for good luck.

Now I'm ready for a bubble bath.  See you next time!

~For marriage to be a success, every woman and every man should have her and his own bathroom. The end.
Catherine Zeta-Jones ~

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