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Repurposed Linen Sachet Craft

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picture from marthastewart.com

Tools and Materials
  • Old or stained linens (Martha used an old French linen hand towel.)
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter and ruler (optional)
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine threaded with coordinating thread
  • Bone folder
  • Loose dried lavender
  • Hand-sewing needle

Repurposed Linen Sachet How-To
1. Cut two 5-by-8-inch pieces from the linen.
2. Match edges with right sides together and pin. Sew along edges with a 1/4-inch seam allowance, leaving a 4-inch opening along one side.
3. Clip corners of seam allowance, being careful not to cut into seam.
4. Turn pouch right-side out. Poke the corners to a sharp point with a bone folder. Fill with lavender.
5. Hand-stitch opening closed.
ResourcesDried lavender is available at health-food stores, floral shops, and bath shops.
For a different aroma, try one of these scent blends:
  • Cedar tips, cedar shavings, and lavender
  • Orange tea and dried roses
  • Earl Grey tea and dried cornflowers
  • Grapefruit peel, vanilla beans, and peach tea
  • Lemon verbena, chamomile, and lemon peel
  • Fresh eucalyptus leaves and lime peel

I've always enjoyed herbal sachets.  A friend of mine in Berkeley, California had given me a beautiful lavender sachet many years ago and I kept it for close to ten years!  I recently read that it's best to keep them for a few months because the fragrance begins to tire after that.

There seems to be an endless number of ways that you can create your own personal blend, much like blending your own custom perfume.  As I was blending the herbs together I couldn't help but think of Coco as she scrupulously concocted Chanel No. 5. 

You most certainly do not have to limit yourself to herbs from your own backyard.  Whole Foods, Mountain Rose Herbs, and other natural foods stores carry herbs in bulk. Think of the herb selection in your supermarket too.  Why not bring a bundle or two home with you to dry and blend into your sachet?  With the right kind of material, you could even make a bath sachet like I did (see last picture in photo gallery).  There are so many possibilities and combinations.  Have fun!

Photo Gallery

The herbs are already beginning to accumulate like Christmas cards proudly being displayed on the mantle. Here are just a few herbs that I'm drying at the moment: Horehound, Mugwort, Mint, Pine and Eucalyptus.
For the sachets, I crumbled the herbs so that they fit nicely into sachets.
Cut your fabric to size and then sew right sides together.
After I had sewn three sides together I turned it "inside out".
Next, I stuffed the herbs into the sachet according to my preference.
Almost done!
Next, I wanted to make Sarah a heart shaped sachet.  In my closet I found a heart shaped doily and traced it onto the fabric with a washable pen. 
OK, I needed a break for tea.  Would you like a cup?  I used some wild mint that we found on a nature trail a few miles away.  It can't even compare to standard mints...way more natural oil.  
I used a few vanilla beans to make a lavender,vanilla and pine sachet.
The seeds were scooped out and placed into the sachet.  The vanilla beans were also placed inside.
 Getting ready to sew up the last few stitches.  I think it needs a little more vanilla so in goes some more.
In less than an hour, I made three herbal sachets with fabric that was sitting in my closet (from left over projects).  Shown below is a Mugwort-Eucalyptus sachet, Vanilla-Lavender-Pine sachet, and a Lavender-Mint Sachet.  Now I have a few extra goodies for when friends drop by for a visit. 
Oh, I have to show you this! I had some leftover Eucalyptus so I shredded it and placed the leaves into a few tea bags that were purchased from Whole Foods (bulk coffee/tea section).  For an aromatic bath (on especially stressful days), simply place into a tub of warm water and enjoy!

Morgan's Minute

Presently,  I am outdoors on my back patio listening to the symphony of birds and the faint shouting here and there from the kids playing on the playground about a half mile away.  Warmed only from the heat of the lavender and cederwood candle (a soy-wax blend, 3 wicks) and the hot cup of tea(peppermint) in a mug that one of my good friends gave me, I am enjoying the beauty of the moment. 

A few days ago, I was in need of a pick me up.  But not the usual pick me up like a cup of coffee or a pedicure.  I was in need of a more serious mood booster, something more along the lines of winning the lottery or taking the family to Disney World. 

It happened in a bookstore- a nothing fancy, we carry it all, buy it here 'cause we aren't Barnes and Noble kind of place.  In Davis, California, a small college town with an even more small town feel is where this took place.  Upon entering, the college age bookish-woman asked if I could use her assistance.  I really couldn't because I had no idea what I was doing in that bookstore to begin with.  So no, I was "just looking" I told her with an awkward, I'm sorry expression on my face. 

Ben and the two children were with me that day and I thank the Heavens that they had a small, kid-size table with the LARGE dinosaurs available for play.  This gave me a few minutes to browse.  Before I knew it, Ben tapped me on my shoulder and this is what he was holding.

This is a month-by-month, 347 page book with 650 full-color photographs with step by step detailed instructions on how to beautify and nurture our garden!  How sweet is that? Very!  This was exactly what I needed.

But wait!  I have to show you this picture!  This is really what made my day better.  Look at Martha...I love how much of her personality shines through.  (The below picture is from Martha Stewart's Gardening book on page 99)


You never know what an old bookstore has in store for you!  On days where you are in need of an extra special pick me up, consider paying your local bookstore or thrift shop a visit.  Remember, it's never just a dinner or dessert or a sachet for that matter....it's so much more!  It's developing your talents and honing your skills.  It's making our everyday lives more beautiful, enjoyable and more functional.  It is LIVING! 

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Carl said...

Love the sachets. That pic of Martha with her baseball cap, I am certain, makes her cringe every time she sees it now that she is big time.
In fact, I kind of like her better than way. She sometimes can be tooooooo perfect.