Wednesday, June 8, 2011

~Knockouts...Pack a Punch on Paper!

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I've been seeing these Knockout tools advertised in Martha Stewart Living and thought I'd purchase one and give it a try.  I've never been into paper crafting before.  Sure I've scrapbooked off and on but never have I been into  paper crafts.  Just haven't.  Since discovering this handy, and very easy little tool, I think it's beginning to grow on me.  The knockout tool creates magnificent borders around a wide range of materials, inclucing oilcloth!  You do have to take extra care when pucturing the oilcloth material so that it doesn't snag. 

On paper it works well too.  I need to practice a little when making it around the corner...a little tricky to use at this point.  While at Michaels I noticed several other Knockout designs too.  I could easily see a person getting carried away with all the different pretty designs.  I chose a simple floral pattern to start with.  Who knows, it might become my newest collection- like Beanie Babies or something.  No, I'm kidding.  I never collected Beanie Babies.  Oh fine...mine was Strawberry Shortcake dolls...we all have our "things", right? 

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This is the Knockout hole punch.  The right and left panel fold up for easy storage. That's a plus!
I was curious as to how this hole punch would work on the oilcloth material.  As long as you press firmly and work carefully, you can use the Knockout to create borders to make oilcloth placemats too!
I also tried it out on paper and I was happy with the results.  You could even use it on scratch paper to "kick it up a notch". Notice the corners...still practicing.  I ended up using scissors to round out the corners (not shown).
A larger view
Here is a finished place mat. 


Jenny Cave said... took a nice idea and stepped it up a notch...I think you get the Martha Stewart gold star!

Anonymous said...

That looks so pretty, specially with your yellow wall in the background!! =)

The Green Mama said...

Thank you! It was fun making them. I often like finding new and interesting ways to craft while occasionally letting my "creative side" take over. It has to be fun or it just isn't worth doing!