Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Few Good Things for June

Those of you that read my blog on a regular basis know that I've sprinkled in a few "Good Things" for June here and there throughout the June blog.  Since June is now drawing to a close, I'd like to include these last few creative ideas before moving into the month of July.

I have yet to make something from this section of the magazine that failed to be really useful in our daily living.  Most everything in the "Good Things" section of the magazine is easy to make too-even better!  I hope that some of these ideas inspire you as well.  Enjoy!

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Finishing Touch- I purchased these flower pots from a craft store for under $3.00, and I purchased the string for $1.50. I couldn't find painted pots with bases so I opted for Terra cotta instead.  I suppose I could decorate the Terra cotta too.  These pots have been very useful in our outdoor dining because they keep our dips cool and bug-free.   
The long handle makes lifting really easy.
Quick Chill- This Good Thing is very helpful when you're trying to keep the wine chilled.  I found these great dish towels at the grocery store.  They are made from bamboo and are eco-friendly.
Just chillin'... it kind of resembles a bath robe for wine... or something.
Pocket Treasures- I had an old apron (the very first apron that I had ever made) in my closet and so I decided to use it for this project.  I'm nostalgic about so many things, including my first apron.  Reusing this apron to make a large, deep pocket for harvesting produce was a terrific idea! 
I had some burlap in my fabric closet that I pulled out for this project. 
After sewing for only a few minutes I had myself a repurposed apron.  This is perfect for holding my veggies and flowers from the garden while I'm harvesting.
Hands free is the way to be in the garden- as much as possible.
I put two large zucchinis in the apron pocket along with some zinnias and I still had more room.  This would make a nice gift for someone that is an avid gardener and that appreciates upcylced gifts.

~It's A Good Thing!~

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