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Oilcloth Crafts: Lunch Bags

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Cut main piece 29 1/2 by 8 inches and two side panels, each 12 1/4 by 5 inches.
1. Fold long panel, inside out, into U shape with 5-inch bottom.

2. Make 1/4-inch cut at bottom corners of side and middle pieces so bag folds smoothly. Sew-in side panels, leaving 1/4-inch seam allowance.

3. Turn right side out and top-stitch all around, 1/8 inch from edge.

This was a great sewing project for me, the novice sewer.  In under an hour, you can make a cute, reusable lunch bag.  I love oilcloth and the super-cute patterns that you can find in this material.  I made five of these for just under ten dollars!  Isn't that cool? I love bargains.  

Jordan seemed to appreciate the handmade lunch bag too.  I originally started this project to make him a reusable lunch bag but I ended up having enough material leftover for five of them.  Now we all have our very own, reusable lunch bag!

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After cutting the fabric, just follow the easy three step directions.  I love it when things turn out the way they are supposed to :)  It doesn't happen all the time.  Maybe that's why I can appreciate a good thing when I see it?

Jordan is off to school with his handmade, reusable oilcloth lunch bag.
You can add a contrasting fabric on the sides of the bag for an added whimsical touch.
I'll be taking these bags with me on our next outdoor adventure.  As a mom, I love the fact that the bags wipe clean so easily.  Do give these bags a try and have fun expressing yourself in the wide variety of fabric colors and styles that oilcloth has to offer. 

~Happy Sewing~

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Carl said...

Morgan, those bags are so practical and attractive. Now make some totes for grocery shopping.

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