Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Spritzers

Rosy Raspberry Spring Spritzer

Lightly crush 1/4 cup raspberries with 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon superfine sugar and 3/4  teaspoon  rose water (  Divide among 4 glasses.  Stir 2 cups chilled rose wine.  Top with 3 cups chilled seltzer.  Makes 4.

Sipping something yummy while doing something you love is priceless...whatever that something is.   Improving my beverage making skills has crossed my mind many times before.  Thanks to Martha, this months Living magazine (refer to page 42) lays out five spring spritzers for you to make and enjoy. refreshing.  Consider making one of the drinks after the kids are in bed for a little extra flair to your "me time".  Live well!

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I used sparkling mineral water instead of the seltzer water.
This is my latest must have.  Rose water is delectable dribbled into mineral water.  Where has this been all these years?  Whole Foods carries this for about $3.50!  Also, you can buy a small brown glass bottle with a spray attachment (also from Whole Foods in the Whole Body section) and mix the rose water with mineral water.  This makes for an excellent facial spray that is sure to recharge you.  I know, sounds good, huh?
The rosy raspberry spring spritzer.  No dye is added.  The color comes from the fresh raspberries.
It was lunchtime when I made the drinks so I kept it non-alcoholic. The spritzer would be great served at brunch, a tea party or even for a little girls fancy birthday celebration.  I'm looking forward to trying each spritzer this month in one of my most favorite places to antique clawfoot bathtub that sits outside nestled between our grapefruits. 


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