Thursday, April 28, 2011

Purple Reign...Fresh Picked Beauty

Karissa Cosentino and Morgan Dickerson

MAC at Nordstrom

Galleria Mall in Roseville, California

*Refer to Martha Stewart Living Magazine, Fresh Picked Beauty article page 12*

Splashed across magazine pages, it seems like magazine articles about the new "it" makeup are omnipresent.  For years I've seen articles about the best makeup and the must have new color.  I've sort of become immune to the osmotic effect that it once had on my beauty savviness. 

It took me years to ever think about purchasing makeup from a department store.  I was content with purchasing my mascara and small assortment of other beauty products from where I purchased my groceries.  It wasn't until college when a close friend of mine opened my eyes to the world of Clinique that I considered purchasing makeup from a department store.  Makeup and I have never meshed well...I wear very little for several reasons.  Maybe it has to do with its application and the fact that I'm a minimalist at heart.

First stop...ULTA. FYI they do not carry any of the required items to for the purple reign colors.  The lady that worked behind the counter was definitely an eye shadow savvy woman.  She was wearing green eye shadow that was applied in a way that was way beyond my understanding. She told me to go to Nordstrom for the cosmetics because they didn't carry what I needed. 

Ben was with me that day and the car was packed with the two toddlers, Gabriel and Sarah.  Lucky for Jordan, he was at school.  Sarah had vomited all over herself on the drive over to get my beauty supplies.  I began to feel the typical motherly guilt.  "Let's just go back", I said quickly. Ben wouldn't let me do it.  I guess he knew that I needed a little makeup help, or something. 

Walking into Nordstrom, I realized that I had crumbs all over my shirt and that I probably smelled like toddler puke.  I was thinking to myself, "great, bet this is going to go over really well with the bitches behind the makeup counter."  Off I went into the land of expense, shiny things and "maybe next times".
I emerged from the escalator and did a u-turn that led me straight to the MAC counter.  I was tightly gripping my little piece of paper on which I had typed a list of necessary cosmetics.  The kind, beautiful and very intelligent woman behind the counter asked me If she could help. Immediately I felt myself take a deep breath and relax.  This was going to be a pleasant experience after all.

The MAC employee was Karissa Cosentino and she knows her makeup!  Before this experience, I was a little skeptical about the department store makeup artists.  You know what I mean, those girls that stand behind the "expensive makeup counters".  I stand corrected.  Karissa was an artist.  She was putting colors of shadows together that matched so well that I thought I was talking with a fashion designer about color combinations.  MAC hires such knowledgeable and reliable people.  Her expertise were given away as she carefully and artistically used the back of my hand as a palette for choosing the colors that "went well with my tone".  I went back to my list (now tossed to the side). 

Karissa told me that she could pick up everything on the list for me!  How cool was that?!  So I just hung out at MAC while Karissa walked around quickly and gathered all the other cosmetics for me from the other companies.  That saved me so much time!  Need I mention again that I had the toddlers in the truck with Ben?  This was greatly appreciated.  Thank you Karissa for your help and for laying to rest the myth that makeup artists are too scary and expensive for the average chick.

Photo Gallery

When I got home, I was a little worried about how all these colors would turn out.  This palette is from the Purple Reign article on page 16 of the April MSL magazine.  Here I am trying to do my Debbie Downer face. 
 Debbie Downer...she's in need of a makeover, don't you think?
The Chanel mascara.  I LOVE Chanel anything!
                                                                The Lancome eye shadow
I think the MAC blush looks so cute with the little heart.
Who knows if I did this correctly, but I took this picture to show you how I applied the shadow.  I applied a light purple color on the base of the lids and then put the darker purple in the corners.  Lastly, I put a shimmery shadow below my eyebrows.
The MAC blush in Sakura is subtle and soft.
Check out the magazine for more fresh picked beauty colors such as romantic rose, fresh greens, coral blossoms and red-hot orange.  You are sure to find a color that will dazzle your complection . 

~Live Well~

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