Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well, it's roughly 2:00 AM Easter morning.  Sleep is beginning to rapidly creep in and yet I still have much to do.  Doesn't it always seem like there is just one more thing left to do?  It's perpetually the case for me and so I've just gotten used to running the marathon that we call life.  I'm seeing a few people nod their heads in that because I'm starting to fall asleep? *smiles*

 The hot cross buns are rising in the kitchen (traditionally they are made on Good Friday, but they'll still be "good" today, too) and the carrot vichyssoise is chilling in the refrigerator along with the key lime pie and the asparagus, leek and Gruyere quiche. 

When it comes to holiday cooking, I prefer to knock out most of it the day before. The holidays just seem to go more smoothly when I do this.  Okay, shhh.  I'll let you in on a little secret.   Cooking in advance is a great tactic for the novice cook because If you mess up then you still have time to correct it.  Well, not like that has ever happened to me or anything?  *snickering*

Easter is a fun day that is filled with excitement, candy, holiday traditions, games, family and Easter baskets.  May you and your family enjoy this special day together. Happy Easter from all of us!


Anonymous said...

A carrot vichyssoise is quite different...a trendy take on a French classic it seems, but sounds delicious.

Followed by such a quiche, to die for. Redolent of melted, nutty Gruyere cheese. The asparagus and leeks are a perfect counterpoint to the Gruyere. Leave some for us, pleeze.

Then the key lime pie...too much, too much...flavor overload...decadence...makes you see God.

Your kitchen is being transformed into Chez Paradise, and deserves at least one Michelin star, in the home cooking league.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Just a fast post script. To all you people viewing this blog; those from from Malta, Thailand, France, Britain, Germany, Canada, Japan, China, Korea, Nigeria, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Switzerland, the USA, and elsewhere...those that have viewed Morgan's blog...please sign in to this blog and be her blog follower, a blog companion.

And also, please make comments. She would love to have your feedback, and to know that you actually exist. That fuels her creative furnace.

The Green Mama said...

Yes, I agree! I would love to talk with you all... and a little fuel for the furnace is a good thing!

Special Note: I've been particularly interested in Malta. I've noticed that I have some very devoted reader(s) there. Well, whoever you are, “Malta”, I'd really like to know more about you and your country. What foods do you like and what is your regional cuisine??? Guessing it has an Italian influence?