Saturday, April 2, 2011

~Good Thing~ Natural Setting

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As I was perusing my coveted March copy of Martha's omni-inspiring magazine, I stopped turning the pages when I spotted these tiny terra-cottas.  First off, the glass jars and the cute, little name signs had to go.  Those would last two seconds (if I was lucky) with my bunch of munchkins.  I did what I often do, I modified this craft to make it fit my lifestyle. 

Featured in the March 2011 Martha Stewart Living magazine, these quaint terra-cotta pots with moss tucked inside are a must have for your dinner table.  The glass cover can be purchased from Marta cooler for $2.50, (if you are brave enough).  The micro-mini terra-cotta pots can be purchased at any craft store.  I bought mine from Michael's for around a dollar a piece. 

Since I didn't use the glass jar (to keep the the the moisture in), I used a small spray bottle to spritz a little bit of water onto the moss once a day.  You will also want to store your pots in a shady location, similar to where the moss naturally grows.  As far as the name tags go, I used a permanent marker (remember, these are plants and we have to water them) because it's waterproof.  That way each pot can be individually marked with a name and I don't have to worry about the kids tearing the tags out.  

Can you think of a way to personalize this craft?  How about glitter on the moss? Martha has such a great line of sparkly glitter (I'm in love with her glitter line!).  Try adding a few, special pebbles that the kids find outside?  You get the idea.  Have fun with it!

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I ventured into my backyard to locate some moss for the project.  I found some!  Along the edge of my deck it remains shady for most of the day- a perfect environment for moss to thrive. 
Here are the micro-mini terra-cottas photosynthesizing in the kitchen window.  They are so cute! The picture is dark, but that is the best I can do on my wonderful camera (my cell phone).  *winks*

It was early in the morning when I finished this project.  The tiny pots are waiting to be matched to their recipients.  These terra-cotta name tags are adorable, green and reusable all in one.  If the kids break them, it's not the end of the cost me a dollar.  It's a good thing!


Anonymous said...

Its a good thing

The Green Mama said...

It most certainly is :)