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Elegant Eggs

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Preparing the ShellsYou can empty the contents of a raw egg without damaging the shell. (If you prefer, use wooden eggs, available at crafts stores.) Carefully twist the point of a utility knife against each end of the egg to create two small holes. Insert a long pin through a hole to pierce the yolk. Blow out the insides with an egg blower, available at crafts stores, or with a rubber ear-and-nose syringe. Let drain; rinse. Blow out again, rinse again, and let dry.
Tools and MaterialsBlown-out eggs
Origami paper
Embroidery scissors
Small paintbrush
Glue sealant, such as Mod Podge
Elegant Eggs How-To1. Mark egg's length plus 1/4 inch on paper; roll paper around egg's circumference, add 1/8 inch, and mark. Cut out resulting rectangle.

Read more at Elegant Eggs - Martha Stewart Holidays 
circumference, add 1/8 inch, and mark. Cut out resulting rectangle.

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2. Fold rectangle in half lengthwise. Cut 1/4-inch-wide strips on both sides of fold, stopping 1/4 inch from fold.

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3. Brush glue sealant down fold on unprinted side; wrap around center of egg. Cut one strip to a point so it just reaches egg's tip.

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4. Brush strip with glue; press gently. Repeat on every other strip, then with remaining strips (trim to fit smaller spaces). Repeat with other end of egg.

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5. Brush glue over half of egg to seal. Let dry; repeat on other half.

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From Martha Stewart Living, April 2004
Read more at Elegant Eggs - Martha Stewart Holidays
These eggs are gorgeous!  For years I've just stuck with decorating my eggs with liquid dye that's mixed with water and vinegar.  It seems like no matter how hard I tried, my eggs would end up streaked, blotchy and kinda sad looking.  That's totally acceptable if you're a kid, but for bigger kids like me...not so cute.  No, don't worry, I'm not critiquing your egg decorating skills.  For me though, I'm glad to have found a way of achieving egg dying perfection while maintaining a non-plastic look (the eggs are made from a beautiful wood).  Someone even asked me if the eggs were hand painted because they look so beautiful.  What an eggcellent project for you and/or the kids!
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We purchased wooden eggs from Joann's craft store.  These eggs will last for years.
Here is the origami paper.  Within the package there were about five or so different designs. 
Sarah likes the eggs au naturel and does not want to share!
The finished Elegant Eggs. 


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