Thursday, March 31, 2011

~Spring Cleaning~ March Project

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Spring Cleaning Like a Pro
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Rather than acquiring anything new, I'm focusing my attention on hanging on to what I already have.  Spring has always been the season for cleaning out our closets and for freshening up our homes. As a farmgirl, I am now beginning to understand why people chose spring as their annual cleaning time.  From here on out, I have zero extra time.  I spend nearly all day outdoors, tending our small, organic  farm.  Spring is my last chance (for many months) to sort through what I've already accumulated.  This is also my eleventh-hour for kicking out those nasty dust balls that have been cohabitating with us.  Okay, so I don't have dust balls, but you know what I mean.

From the time I was a little girl, something about spring cleaning has made my heart flutter.  For some unknown reason, a scene from Winnie the Pooh has stuck with me all these years.  One of the characters (I think it was Piglet) got really excited about doing his spring cleaning.  I guess Piglet's excitement rubbed off  on me and now I share the same love of wiping away the cobwebs every spring.  

When cleaning your home this year, opt for using natural cleaners(if you haven't already done so). You'd be surprised at how beautifully your home can sparkle and shine with simple cleaning ingredients like vinegar and baking soda!  I even like to make my own special, all-purpose cleaner using baking soda, borax, essential oil and lemon zest.

My cleaning team..a few players are missing but this is the main crew. *smiles*  Simple and very affordable cleaning products like these are light on the earth and are very inexpensive. 

A few links are also listed below.  They will provide you with a solid starting point so that you can get started on your spring cleaning.  Those links are worth investigating because they will save you a lot of time!   Don't forget to also check out for additional spring cleaning how-tos.

Morgan's Minute

Several Important Points That I've Remembered This Month

(I should say finally decided to remember)

~Hang on to what you already have by taking care of it~

~A clean environment reflects the condition of the soul~

~Disorder comes from a disorganized environment (I often feel this way and quickly pick up the sippy cups, food and loads of toys thrown everywhere.  Instantly I feel better)

Happy Cleaning!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you piglet. Enjoyed this blog.

The Green Mama said...

Glad you liked it! I would say though, my Astrological sign is supposed to identify more with Eeyore, than Piglet. Although, Piglet is almost my fav. ;)