Thursday, March 3, 2011

*Olay Regenerist*

February Product of the Month:  Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller (featured in Feb. 2011 MSL magazine) 

 For the next year, I have committed to purchasing one item every month that is advertised in the Martha Stewart Living magazine.  Last month, I tried the Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller.  Like I said in my January Olay review, there are so many products out there claiming to change this, lift that, erase..hide or whatever.  Unfortunately, not all of those products make their money by actually fulfilling the claims.  So, it's hard to know what works, right?

For thirty days, I have religiously used the eye roller (morning and night) and I've noticed a huge difference!  The fine lines have decreased by about half.  Now, next month will they be completely gone?  Who knows?  Eventually, we are all going to wrinkle,age and transform into more "distinguished beings".  I can enjoy my present "shell", but I am looking forward to my future framework.

It was not until college that I finally learned about taking care of my skin.  In college, I met a friend that worked part-time for Clinique, at the makeup counter. Prior to meeting her, I knew nothing about makeup and skin care.  She made sure to change that.  In between a long, all-nighter calculus study session, she pulled out of her backpack a three step skin care regimen.  She wasted no time in showing me how to use this new-to-me product.  Down the road, she got me hooked on the makeup line, but that is a whole different thing. 

Before meeting my friend, I never knew that skin was supposed to be pampered, loved and taken care a pet I guess?  Even though my mother never taught me anything about being a woman, I am making sure to put as much womanly wisdom into my "makeup bag" (for me and my daughter Sarah) that I can possibly find. This one's for you Sarah Elizabeth.  In more ways than one, I will make sure to show you how to be a woman.  And yes, that goes far beyond applying wrinkle cream.

As a natural ingredient lover, I would really enjoy finding more advertised products in the magazine that were all natural.  In the March issue of the Martha Stewart Living magazine, (on page 122) a spread of natural products are featured.  The products include those that are skin brighteners, skin and hair moisturizers, skin soothers and anti-aging solutions. 

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