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Good Thing...Teatulia Tulsi Infusion Tea!

Teatulia Tulsi Infusion Tea 100% Organic Tea!

picture taken from Teatulia facebook page

*Okay, so this tea (as far as I know) is not endorsed by Martha Stewart...yet anyway.  However, it has to do with food so I'm blending this post into the blog*

While shopping at Whole Foods Market today in Roseville, I was struck by a very charming, health-conscious looking man that was giving out tea samples.  At first, I was hesitant about stopping because Ben was at home with the kids and I already had been gone long enough.  Listen, when I'm at Whole Foods, I have to check out always takes time.  I am always up for an adventure so I decided to stop for a moment and try a cup.

I decided to try the Teatulia Spicy and Comforting Black Tea Blend that has Holy Basil added to decrease stress.  "I need that and so does Ben", I was thinking to myself.  At home, we have Holy Basil in a tablet form, but that rarely gets taken.  However, we do drink a lot of coffee and tea so this is a great way to incorporate the herb.

As far as the taste goes, the flavor was superb!  It was mild, and not astringent which is unusual for most black teas. Most black teas can have an astringent aftertaste, in my opinion.  On the contrary, this tea remained smooth and did not have any bitterness.  Not only did this tea taste great, it is organically grown in Bangladesh by its locals. Teatulia organic tea farms are totally natural, in fact, it is the first organic tea farm in Bangladesh!  Way to go Teatulia!

I absolutely love it when I hear stories about small farmers that are making a buck while farming organically.  By doing this, Teatulia is standing alongside other organic farmers and taking responsibility for our health and the health of our planet.  I almost feel a sense of communal love from companies that stand for earth-justice, so to speak.  Organic companies like Teatulia are obviously willing to go the extra mile to invest in our future existence, while at the same time paying attention to our immediate health needs.   These farmers get it.  They know that by preserving the earth, they are preserving our future.

Stop by your local health food store, or Whole Foods and pick up a container.  Trust me, you will love it, and the ladies from Bangladesh will thank you too by making sure that their product remains on the shelf for you to enjoy. Check out their website at for more info and online ordering.

Below, is a statement by the company CEO Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed:

"From its inception, Teatulia has been eager to engage with the community in a mutually beneficial manner. This is why Teatulia started a Cooperative that is open both to its workers, and to neighbors in surrounding villages. Teatulia's Cooperative began with an innovative method focused on dairy. Co-op members receive a milking cow, for which they pay back not in cash, but with milk and cow dung. Members pay only one liter of milk per day, keeping the rest for their children and the calves. They pay 10 to 20 kgs of cow dungs per day, keeping a measure for their own use. This easy "barter" form of payback takes off the pressure of cash payments, making the co-op a practical alternative even to the micro-credit operations for which Bangladesh is now famous. Most members manage to pay off their cow within two to three years. Best of all, they keep any calves that the cow bears, doubling or trebling their cattle wealth!
After a nascent experimental period, Teatulia has stepped up its Co-op efforts in the last two years, and members now exceed one thousand in number. Teatulia expects this number to cross quadruple within the next two to three years, if not sooner.
Teatulia is now also bringing other areas of work, like growing tea, within the ambit of the Co-op. In places like Satmera, Co-op members have come together to start a one-room school built from bamboo donated by the community. When I go the garden, visiting that school and hearing the children sing, or watch them play on the sea-saw or the swing - also made of bamboo - by the little river where they are located is one of the greatest pleasures." - Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed, CEO

The below picture is of local children in Bangladesh.  Soon they will receive $2,000 in grants from Teatulia.
picture from

Thank you Teatulia for helping the local farmers in Bangladesh while meeting the needs of the American people.  You continue to uphold both strong moral and ecological values as you make your way through the business world.  You are setting a precedent for how business should be done.

Photo Gallery

Teatulia Tea even has Eco-friendly packaging
Boiling the water in my favorite Villeroy and Boch tea kettle.
Steeping the father bought me this pretty tea pot a few years ago. 
Here is a tea bag.  The pyramidal shape of the tea bag increases the surface area, thus allowing for a better brew.
With the perfect mix of caffeine from the black tea, and the stress relievers from the holy basil running through my veins, I am ready to contemplate the existence of man. *giggles*
I made a cup of tea for Ben too.  He enjoy it.

~Tea Time?  It always is...happy brewing!~

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