Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Heart Garland

Valentine's Day Heart Garland

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Never been one to be super crafty with paper.  In the past, paper crafting only occurred when my pencil met my college-ruled paper.  That was about it.  Admired paper crafters?  Of course!  So this year, I've finally decided to get paper-crafty. I'm going to have to start simple, that's for sure.

If you haven't already, make sure to check out  There, you can get tons of great ideas for everything you could possibly imagine.  All kinds of ideas are provided for Valentine’s Day crafts, food and more.

The Valentine's Day Heart Garland was so easy that I made 5 of them in one day.  For this craft project, I happened to have paper suited for this occasion already in my craft bin.  I even had a Martha Stewart hole punch (heart shape) in my craft box.  What a surprise that was!  I forgot what was in there *laughing*.
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The heart template is ready to be cut
Cut and ready to glue
Since the bottom is open, just interlace them together.
The Martha Stewart hole punch...easy to use and makes perfect little hearts...very charming.
Here are just two of the garlands that I made.
I decided to hang a garland on our front door.

Cupid and his Cherubs are welcome in my home anytime!

Fun and easy project for you and the kids!  It takes about 15 minutes per garland.  I suggest this for kids 6 and up because of scissor use and skill level. Have fun!

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I "heart" your hearts.