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Knitting 101...The Scarf!

Knitting 101...The Scarf!

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Basic Scarf PatternFinished size of scarf: 8 by 60 inches
MaterialsAran-weight yarn, approximately 600 yards, or three 100-gram balls; size-9 knitting needles; safety pin; notebook; tape measure.
Gauge4 stitches and 6 rows equal 1 inch
Abbreviationsk (knit), p (purl), sts (stitches)
Pattern Stitch(Work this series of stitches when directed to in the pattern.)
Row 1: (right side) k32
Row 2: (wrong side) k32
Row 3: k32
Row 4: k4, p24, k4
Row 5: k32
Row 6: k32
Cast OnLoosely cast on 32 stitches.
Rows 1 to 8k32: Knit each stitch across the row for 8 rows. Tally the rows in your notebook. There should be 4 ridges on each side of the work.
Row 9 (wrong side)k4, p24, k4: Knit the first 4 sts. Purl the next 24 sts, remembering to bring the yarn in front of the project. Move the yarn to the back again, and knit the last 4 sts.
Row 10 (right side)k32: Mark this side by placing a safety pin in the middle of the knitting so you always know when you are working a right-hand-side row. This side should be facing you when the knitting is in your left hand ready for you to knit a right-side row.
Repeat rows 9 and 10 until the knitting measures 3 inches from the cast-on edge. End after working a row 9. To measure, place the knitting on a flat surface, place the measuring tape under the needle, and measure down to the cast-on edge.
Next 6 RowsWork the 6 rows of the pattern stitch. These are the rows that form the ridges at each end of the scarf.
Repeat rows 9 and 10 until the knitting measures 6 inches from the cast-on edge. End after working a row 9.
Next 6 RowsWork the 6 rows of the Pattern Stitch.
Repeat rows 9 and 10 until scarf measures 53 inches from the cast-on row. End after working row 9. Rows 9 and 10 can be repeated for as long as you like. Any adjustments to length should be made while working these rows. If you���re adjusting the scarf to a certain length, keep in mind that 7 inches will be added after this point.
Next 6 RowsWork the 6 rows of the pattern stitch.
Repeat rows 9 and 10 until scarf measures 56 inches from the cast-on row. End after working a row 9.
Next 6 RowsWork the 6 rows of the pattern stitch.
Repeat Rows 9 and 10 until the scarf is 59 inches.
Next 8 RowsKnit next 8 rows.
Cast off.
Weave in yarn ends.
Block ScarfBlock the scarf by spraying with water and smoothing it with your hands. If necessary, pin the scarf to a towel to keep the edges from rolling, and allow it to dry flat overnight; or place a damp towel over the scarf, and press flat with a steam iron.
From Martha Stewart Living, November 1997

Read more at Basic Scarf Pattern - Martha Stewart Crafts

Finally accomplished, I laid out my newly knitted scarf and thought, "now where would I wear this?" Stumped, I decided to give my ruffled-around-the-edges "scarf" a new look.  You'd be surprised at how many ways you can wear this cowl-like invention!  If you are a knit-wit like I am, when it comes to knitting (*winks*), then you may find yourself finishing your first scarf project just a tad bit clueless as to what to do with the "thing". 

The last thing that you should do with your first creation is to throw the beauty away!  Simply fold scarf in half and stitch up the sides.  Essentially, you are making a large circle.  Ta da!  Enjoy it in numerous ways, such as a "cowl", neck warmer, head band or head handkerchief.  Have fun with it.  Now, you can be proud of your first knitted item and actually put it to good use!

Youtube and are two wonderful resources for learning how to knit.  All you need is the perseverance, a little coffee (or whatever pick-me-up you use), and  some time to yourself after the kids are in bed.  The word rewarding doesn't do knitting justice.  These days, we often view our hands as tools for such jobs as driving a car, typing on a keyboard or dialing a number on a cell.  Oh no! Our hands were meant for more than that.

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Try wearing it around your neck as a neck warmer.
Or, over your head.  It keeps your head cozy. 
Lesson learned: In life, as with knitting, our mistakes can often morph into something even better!
The Scarf:  Yea, my very first scarf!
Knitting away...
It's late, but I'm so excited to have finished this project!
Stitching up the sides to make the big circle.
Once stitched, you can fold in half, if desired. Wear according to your mood, or depending on the alignment of the moon (just joking about the moon).


Teresa said...

Hello Green Mama, this is Cousin Tere. I just discovered your blog site and wish to join. But I can not make it work. Do I need a background check or anything first? (giggle) I want to learn to knit, wish I was there to learn with you. I have the supplies, just not the teeniest of idea how to make it work. Have not tried since Jr. High. Let me know how I join your Morgan and Martha blog. MUAH

The Green Mama said...

Welcome! Glad that you've found your way over here. The background check isn't too bad,lol. On the top right part of the page has a link that says "subscribe to" click on blog. Let me know if that doesn't work.

Good for you! You can totally do it. I taught myself from youtube and martha. I'm still a "newborn" myself, but if you have any basic questions, feel free to ask. If I don't know offhand, I can point you in the right direction.

Thanks for joining. As always, love your input and comments ;) It's going to be fun!