Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Thing: Heart-Felted Scarf

Good Thing: Heart-Felted Scarf

Tools and Materials

Washer and dryer
Laundry detergent
Sewing pins
Discarded 100 percent wool sweaters in a variety of colors
Yarn in a complementary color
Hand-sewing needle with an eye large enough to thread yarn
Heart template
Heart-Felted Scarf How-To

1. Shrink and felt sweaters: Wash the sweaters in a washing machine with plenty of detergent and hot water. Some sweaters may require several washings to get the best result. Dry in clothes dryer on high heat.

2. Download and print heart template; cut out heart shape.

3. Pin heart template to a felted sweater and cut around the shape.

4. Repeat, cutting hearts from the felted sweater material, until you have 28 hearts -- enough to make a 5 1/2-foot scarf.

5. On a flat surface, lay down 14 of the hearts in a column, with 2 inches between each heart. The hearts should all point in the same direction and vary in color.

6. With the remaining 14 hearts, layer another column on top of the first, starting 2 inches above the bottom of the first column. The hearts in the top column should overlap the hearts in the bottom column, creating a continuous scarf.

7. When you are happy with the layout of your scarf, secure it by pinning the hearts together where they overlap.

8. With yarn threaded on a needle and knotted at one end, hand-sew an X with diagonal stitches where the first heart overlaps the second. Start from between the 2 hearts, bringing the needle up through only one of the hearts, to hide the starting knot between them. To create an X that is seen from both sides of the scarf, pass the needle between the 2 hearts when it is necessary to make a stitch that is not diagonal. Tie off yarn between the 2 hearts to hide the ends.

9. Repeat the X stitches at every overlap until the scarf is completed.

ResourcesSpecial thanks to Betz White for sharing the idea for this felted Good Thing. For more fabulous felted crafts, check out Betz's book, "Warm Fuzzies: 30 Sweet Felted Projects," or the Teacup Pincushion she made on an earlier episode of "The Martha Stewart Show."

Read more at Good Thing: Heart-Felted Scarf - Martha Stewart Crafts

Whether or not you can knit or crochet, that doesn't matter when creating this beautiful, handmade scarf.  It was so easy that I felt confident enough (and not too exhausted) to make Sarah her own scarf too.  You can't help but feel festive and cheerful when this scarf is draped around your neck.  I'm officially in the Valentine's day spirit ( or as Jordan still calls it, Valentime's day).  Enjoy!

Photo Gallery

For both scarves, I used a combination of felt, old sweaters and an old dress that Sarah had outgrown.
Before Sarah was born, I purchased this sweater at an antique shop.  It's getting a second chance (or probably 20th for all I know)
 Remember, when cutting on a sleeve you are actually getting two hearts.  Cool!
Once the hearts are cut and ready, I matched them with funky colored thread.
 Pin hearts according to the above directions.
All done! 
Sarah and Mommy wearing beautfiul, handmade Valentine's day scarves. 

It's a Good Thing!


Jenny Cave said...

Looks great, Morgan, I especially love the end results...Sarah looks like she loves her scarf (or the photo op with Mommy, either way, it was a child-pleaser!! WIN-WIN, right?) This looks like something that parents can do with their children to make gifts for people they love for Valentine's Days in the future as well...perfect girl scout project or art project!!!

Anonymous said...

Jenny said it far better than can I. Super craft idea. Weaving in crafts and gardening into the kitchen blogs keeps things fresh and lively. You are doing a good thing here, hon.