Saturday, February 26, 2011

~February Room Renovation~

A Hallway Makeover

for $70?!

Since I have started my Martha blog, I have gained so much valuable insight into our everyday living.  The only problem (if you can call it that) is that I'm much more aware of my surroundings.  What used to be a minor irritation, has now become an everyday annoyance. For instance, the hallway has always grossed me out.  I know that sounds strange, but it just has.  It's dark, narrow and the kids constantly smear who knows what down the long tunnel- like hallway.  For two years now, I've just dealt with it.  I tuned it out and kept on walking to wherever it was that I was going.  I lived with being "grossed out" probably one hundred times a day.  Sometimes, on days when I felt particularly zealous, I'd THINK about doing something about it.  Can you relate?

Well, finally, it is done!  A simple fresh coat of paint, and an arrangement of pictures has dramatically changed the feel of the hallway.  Maybe this idea will get your your artistic juices flowing?  Hopefully it will inspire you to wipe away (with paint, pictures or whatever) all those annoyances that you have learned to live with.  Have fun!

Photo Gallery
 *Our weather has been very overcast and our hallway is windowless.  Consequently, some pictures appear dark*

Here I am at Home Depot.  Jordan came with me to help me  pick out our hallway color.  After collaborating, we decided to go for wampum msl179.  It's a dusty pastel lavender color that really softens the feel of our hallway.
The gross hallway.  I don't know how I've put up with it for so long?!
Here are the wooden letters that we are going to paint a silver color.  Before painting, we primed the wood.
Jordan was in charge of painting the wooden letters that we purchased at a craft store.
In the dark hallway, here I am taping the edges before painting.  The kids are in bed, and the clock is ticking.
At about midnight, I am now ready to paint.
Painting away...
Jordan is working on the second coat of silver paint.
This is a funny picture.  I am standing over our hallway mirror.  I'm about to spray paint it silver (it was a gold color). 
The finished mirror.
The new and improved hallway. 
Our Great Wall of Pictures. 
On Craigslist, I found a great deal! For $2 per frame, I found 9 frames that were silver in color.  Originally meant for documents, I made it work. I am embarrassed to say that since living here, I have never put up any family pictures!  Don't ask me why because I'll just give you the "I have three kids speech". *LOL*. Anyway, for $28 I had all these pictures printed from the comforts of my home.  A few hours later they were ready for pickup.

Our family pets.  They too are a part of our family.
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah's collage
Here I am.
My wonderful husband, Ben.  Our pictures are on either side of the family sign because we are the ones "holding it together".
Gabriel...I just adore this picture of my little "cabbage patch".
Jordan is having fun in the kitchen, as usual. He's holding a small torch that we used when making our baked Alaska.
Picture is dark...but it's Jordan's picture collage. Guess I need track lighting not only for my laundry room (see my January post), but also for my hallway.
The beautifully hand painted family sign.  Good job Jordan!
Jordan is very proud of his newly decorated hallway.

~Two rooms down and ten more to go.  I wonder what room will get morganized next month?~

Morgan's Minute

 It can be dangerously easy to live within an environment that does not suit our taste, or our needs for that matter.  I have been there.  I am still there.  At the present moment, I feel like a rock climber, scaling the wall with my harness tightly on and my carabiner firmly in place.  Right now, my fingers are grabbing the craggy wall and with all my strength I am lifting myself up and out.  Can you relate to this metaphor?  Whether you are married or single, we all are trying to lift ourselves out of something.

This is life, or my life at the moment I should say.  With three children, two under three, tenacity is an understatement.  Why then am I doing this?  Ahhh, such a good question.  Short answer...because I require the best that I can afford, and as much as I can possibly give.  In between, are a few trips to the spa, a pedicure, a coffee with a close friend and a nice, long hot soak with a good wine.  Demanding the best is not an illness but a way of life that should be celebrated.  Until next beautifully.


Anonymous said...

You are indeed becoming morganized. The results are remarkable. You make such a space makeover look so easy...and it probably is...once you get started.

Jordan seems to be taking an increasing part in the cooking, craft, and home decorating projects.

He is so bright, handsome, and so fun to be around. What great kid he is!

The Green Mama said...

He is! I am one proud mama ;) The blog has been wonderful for Jordan. It has taken him from pre-teen nightmare to every mother's dream.