Saturday, January 29, 2011

Olay Regenerist

Olay Regenerist  Micro-Sculpting Serum

I am tired of it.  The endless anti-aging adds that bombard me daily.  On TV,  after being hit by Victoria, some lady is assuring me that her facial cream will make me look ten years younger.  When turning a magazine page, I'm reminded about how wrinkles are passe even though I'm advancing into the future.

So, what are our choices?  Well, the first and most obvious one is that we do nothing.  We go gently into the night and let ourselves age.  The second choice is that we can visit the plastic surgeon for a little nip tuck or lastly, we can apply a cream that will delay the inevitable.  The second choice is not an option for me, so that leaves me with choices one and three.  Not being a person to surrender to anything, you've guessed it, I chose option three.

Option three has been a choice for me for about five years off and on.  I've tried creams that have come in small bottles, containers, and tubes.  You name it, I've applied it.  Just a few weeks ago, I chemically burned my face because the facial wash I used caused an allergic reaction.  It was a quality brand from Whole Foods, but you just never know how your face will react.  This brings me to my next point.  When using anything on your face for the first time, apply a small amount to your neck first.  I'm a rather gutsy girl so I just do things all the way.  Slowly, and often times painfully, I'm learning to do things differently.

As I stated in an earlier blog, every month I'm picking one product from the most recent Martha Stewart Living magazine and I'm trying it out.  At the end of the month, I'm reporting back to you what I have found.  My honest, non-paid opinions are sure to give you real answers.  Also, hopefully it will save you a little money and time.

Review of Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum

It's been a month now, since I've been pumping my little maroon bottle of Olay serum.  For $25 dollars, it is worth every penny.  My face feels firmer, younger and even the color in my face seems brighter!  This stuff actually works, guaranteed.

Get it, use it and actually see the results you've been expecting to see!


Next Month: Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller Daily Treatment


Jenny Cave said...

I ran some of the ingredients through this website: You might want to check this out. Particularly this ingredient: ALUMINUM STARCH OCTENYLSUCCINATE

The Green Mama said...

Hi, Jenny. You do bring up a very good point. Thank you for providing the website for further investigation.

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