Thursday, January 6, 2011

Becoming Mrs. Clean

To me, a new year is like being handed a seed before germination.  If taken care of properly, a beautiful plant will one day emerge.  For some reason, I often get stuck at the watering stage, forgetting the most essential step of all.  Holt. Stop. That is it. Done.  Left with good intentions and a pile of dirt to look at, without water, you can bet that nothing will grow.  Intuitively, I know this.

Continually pulling wisdom from my garden, I've realized that the watering stage mimics organization.  I'd blush if you were to see my long laundry list of to-dos and will-dos. Creating order within my home is a job that is ultimately left to me. With three kids( 6 if you count my husband, Angora rabbit, and dog,) I have a big appetite for order.  I crave it, like most women crave chocolate. 

Upon review, I've decided to start with our laundry room.  Since I'm tired of being swallowed up in laundry piles, I'm starting there.  I must admit that I do not enjoy doing laundry.  I am not a "laundry person".  This is evident when people visit my home.  My whole laundry room and mudroom is like a swamp.  One time, my father said it was so messy that it looked like a crime had been committed there.  It was funny, but not anymore.

Now is the perfect time to introduce you to Kevin Sharkey, author of the Home Design column in Martha Stewart Living. This month, Kevin transforms his small closet-like facility into a highly organized work station.  This room is coveted by women like me.  If Kevin, a single man (I'm assuming he's single), possesses a laundry room like that, then what kind of laundry room should I have?  I get it. Finally, I get it.

Below are some pictures of my current laundry room (minus the piles of laundry).  With Kevin's help of course, I'm finally attempting to create some order around here.

Hopefully, you too will be inspired to create an orderly, desirable place to perfom a task that neither you, nor me can escape.  Check out page 60 in this months Living magazine to read his article.

COMING SOON: Becoming Mrs. Clean Part 2 (end of Jan.)


The Green Mama said...

For those interested, Martha just posted her Skylands laundry room on her blog.

The Green Mama said...

Check out my updated Mrs.Clean blog (end of Jan.) to see the new and improved laundry room!